"Let's have a merry journey, and shout about how light is good and dark is not. What we should do is not future ourselves so much. We should now ourselves. "NOW thyself" is more important than "Know thyself." Reason is what tells us to ignore the present and live in the future. So all we do is make plans. We think that somewhere there are going to be green pastures. It's crazy. Heaven is nothing but a grand, monumental instance of future. Listen, now is good. Now is wonderful." ~ Mel Brooks

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Post on DO

In preparation of what lies ahead our posts this week will focus on how we can prepare our homes and hearts to celebrate and allow the Light in. We will focus on and offer suggestions for a good spring cleaning, lantern making, candle making, art projects, planting seeds/sprouts, and recipes that will help make this Candlemas a week long preparation and celebration! So to start......let's get cleaning!

There's also a little incentive to get you cleaning........I'll leave a little hint!


  1. Hey Marcy, I've tried before to leave a post and did not succeed...
    Your pages are impressive and I can't wait to try out your products!

    1. Hi Darling! Thank you for commenting. My comments on the main page are now open.....I had them moderated. All the other pages offer easy commenting, not sure why you had trouble! I'll look into it more. It's very exciting over here and am thrilled to have the creative channels open! xoxo


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