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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shamrock Window Transparency

Photo from Twig and Toadstool

A Little Brown Bulb

A little brown bulb went to sleep in the ground.
There she slept very sound.
While Old King Winter raged and roared overhead,
The little brown bulb did not stir in her bed.
Then came Lady Spring tip-toeing over the lea,
Fingers to lips as soft as can be.
And the little brown bulb just lifted her head,
Slipped off her nightie and jumped out of bed. 

I am having a hard time not anticipating the return of Spring! I'm eagerly awaiting the warmth, the songbirds, the longer days, dirty finger nails from being in the garden.......I dream of Spring! Today, we in NY are anticipating a snowfall *sigh* which is equally as exciting for the littles. To help get me through until Spring has officially sprung we'll be making these beautiful shamrock window transparencies. They are lovely to look at, the dimension in color, the shamrock frame. Our front door window will be decked out to welcome the 'luck of the Irish' and yours can be, too!

What you'll need::

Green card stock (2 pieces for each shamrock)
various sizes and colors of tissue paper
a larger piece of light colored tissue paper
glue stick

First, cut our a heart shape with a cut out center. Position this on your green card stock paper and trace
four times. This will take a bit of arranging but once you trace and begin cutting it will take shape!

Make sure to cut out two shamrocks! This will be your frame from your transparency work.

Next, you'll glue on your larger piece of light colored tissue paper. It's OK to leave it overlapping because
when you add the other shamrock you can go around and give it a trim!

This is the fun part.....gluing all the little pieces of colored tissue paper onto your shamrock!
Cover the entire piece of light colored tissue paper with the little colored pieces of tissue paper.

Lastly, match your last shamrock to create a frame for your transparency work. Trim around the edge to
remove the tissue paper that is hanging over.

Aren't they beautiful?! Hang them in your window and watch the rainbow of colors come shining through!

I hope you enjoy the coming month and all the wonderful colors that come with the Springtime!


  1. those are very sweet! I dont do many a-craft project with the children (we focus more on purposeful work), but I may consider these!!
    Ps- the camphill community in kimberton is fantastic. they also have a camphill special school. contact me if youre ever in the area!

  2. Thank you! We don't do too many crafty type things either, but I like to mix it up every now and again for another element of fun! I loved the meditative quality of choosing the right colors and places to put them within the frame. It was so lovely to watch my little girl's eyes grow bigger and bigger as she saw all the colors come together and then......holding them up to the sunlight! WOW! It was so special!

    We've been wanting to spend some time at Kimberton. We have friends in Camphill Soltane that we'd love to reconnect with. If we do ever make it down there we will definately be in touch! That would be a magical day!

  3. What a wonderful shamrock transparency, I love the added tissue squares, looks very pretty in the window. I may have to make some for our windows, sounds like a fun project!

    1. Thank you, April! I'm so glad you enjoyed them! Pretty simply, too, once you get the template down! Let me know if you tried your hand at it, would love to feature pictures on our FB page xoxo

  4. Just did these with my class! They loved it! Thanks so much for sharing! I linked you! :)

  5. What kind of glue do you find works the best? Do you use a paint brush, fingers? I am working with swing bed patients at a hospital.


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