"Let's have a merry journey, and shout about how light is good and dark is not. What we should do is not future ourselves so much. We should now ourselves. "NOW thyself" is more important than "Know thyself." Reason is what tells us to ignore the present and live in the future. So all we do is make plans. We think that somewhere there are going to be green pastures. It's crazy. Heaven is nothing but a grand, monumental instance of future. Listen, now is good. Now is wonderful." ~ Mel Brooks

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Joyful May

Welcome to May. The May Day celebrations abound. The Celtic celebrations that mark the beginning of Summer......ahhhhhh........Summer. Warmth. Sunshine. Blue skies. Flowers. Bees. Fresh Vegetables. A Summer's Breeze. These are a glorious things and bring such joy to the human Spirit. *sigh*

To Welcome our May we had a little morning celebration. We weeded our flower beds. Gathered the dandelions that were plucked from the beds and used them to paint pictures. Then Charlotte, her Daddy and I sat around on a blanket in the yard and soaked up the morning sunshine while making a flower wreath that wouls adorn each of our heads! I think the only one who enjoyed wearing it was our faithful companion, Rosco!!!! We moved Charlotte's summer kitchen outside to the front of the house where it will be available to countless hours of play. Washing dishes, baking cookies, planting!

~ "Ahhhhh, the hours we will play and toil all the little things in the soil."

Thankfully where we live this day will continue to be a beautful day. The Sun will shine, we will wear bare feet all day, watch our eldest son play baseball later in the day and then.......just maybe we will burn our misgivings and other things that are unwanted or not needed in a celebratory bonfire this evening!

" THe moon shines bright and start give light a little before it's day. So God bless you all both great and small and send you a joyful May."


  1. It is cool to see this two years later. I want to go to THIS May Day. I appreciate that we need rain and I like to have a cozy cup of tea by a fireplace fire while I watch the rain stream down the windows, but this sound like a much nicer day, I have to admit!

  2. What a lovely way to celebrate May Day! It would be great if you'd like to share this with the Spring Carnival. :) http://sunnydaytodaymama.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/all-year-round-blog-carnival-spring.html


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