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Friday, April 12, 2013

For Little Hands :: Homemade Seedling Pots

Welcome to For Little Hands, a weekly series that hopes to inspire creative whimsy for the little hands in your life.

Spring is eluding us today. It is a mere 38* outside and there is this wintry mix of rain/sleet/snow happening periodically. This photo was taken this morning.....I was a bit shocked! I know April is capable of many things, I've just been in denial that we would actually continue to see the "white stuff" again. Oh well. We've got the wood stove cranked and it's a balmy 76* inside, I'm devouring a box of Hot Tamales,and while we've got the dream of Spring and warmth on our minds we set off to make some seedling starter pots that we will transfer into the littles gardens outside when the time comes.
If you'd like to join us, this is what you'll need::
Newspaper cut into 3-4 inch wide strips (the length of the newspaper)
A bottle (a notch in the bottom is helpful by not necessary)
Good potting soil
A tray for the pots to sit upon
something to label your pots
A sunny window
I find that this type of activity is perfect for a cooped up inside day. Hands get dirty and there is an element of care and excitement built into the activity. Planting seeds and children go hand in hand. I couldn't imagine planting a garden without a child or two in the mix.

Set the bottle on about 2/3 of the newspaper strip, long ways. You should have about an inch or so that goes passed the end of the bottle.

Roll the paper strip around the bottle, tightly.

Fold the end of the strip into the notch of the bottle, sort of like wrapping a present. It won't stay put entirely but when you put the soil in it will balance out.

Next, fill your pots with soil.

And then the seeds! YAY!!!

Once all of your seeds are planted give them a good drink of water and set them in a sunny window. Covering them with plastic wrap will form a greenhouse effect and sprouting may begin sooner.

The best part about these pots is they can be sewn directly into the soil and will amend the soil as brown matter. It's a win/win.

I hope where ever you are today, dear friend, you are warm and embracing Spring (or Autumn, for my Southern Hemisphere friends xo)


  1. OOOOOh... this is so clever! Reusing! Love it!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend! (May the weather start to cooperate with the idea of spring).

  2. Great idea!! We are planting our seeds this weekend and I have been saving our egg shells for the project :) Happy weekend.

  3. Very nice! We also started some seeds this week... little hands, dirt - a good combination. :)


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