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Friday, October 12, 2012

For Little Hands: New Weekly Series

Welcome to  A Simple Life's new weekly series: For Little Hands
Every Friday I will be posting a new project perfect for little hands. I would love for
you to join me! Please use the link-up form below and add something you've created that a wee one could create all on their own with some simple guidance. I look so forward to seeing what you all have done and come up with!
I was looking for a lovely handwork project now that the Autumn season has officially descended upon us. The temperatures are much cooler, the wood stove is cranking, warm coats and scarves are hanging on our coat hooks. We're spending less time soaking up the hot sunshine, less time in the garden. I tend to be a bit of a home-body and the added warmth of the wood stove only makes it harder for me to get everyone out of pj's and dressed for the cold and blustery outside. Our home is quite cozy. It's become a bit "womb" like; everyone is safe, warm, comfortable, fed, and gently rocked through our daily rhythms (or free for all as it's been as of late!). I didn't really have to wonder too long before I heard our multitude of wool yarns screaming at me from their basket on a living room shelf!! "Pick me! Pick me!" they shouted......quite like the Golden Eggs story! I picked up my favorite yarn (they all are but one spoke rather loudly to me) and wished I knew how to knit! Then it dawned on me.......finger knitting is perfect for all of us!!! I needed a refresher course so I looked for a video on youtube.
I wasn't totally surprised when Charlotte, who is just shy of 5 years old (what??), picked up on finger knitting rather quickly. She is a go getter. An "I can see the forest for the trees" kinda girl. She'll put her mind to something and accomplish it to the best of her ability with much zeal and zest! She's fantastic.......and I love learning along side her! She's amazing in her will and excitement and is eager to encourage and insist that "you just do the best you can"! An amazing little soul, she is xoxo
Kiki wasn't all too interested in this.......she had her own ball of yarn to play with and untangle and tangle! She watched as we created little belts of radiant colors. She loved to feel the wool, watch as the colors changed from one to another. Her little eyes focused in and watched how we, with just our fingers, created beautiful strands of woven yarn. She was curious. She was also eager to wear one.......our little elfin princess.
I have to admit, I really enjoyed myself! I haven't yet learned how to knit with needles. It has been a long standing dream of mine however the right teacher hasn't yet surfaced for me. I've managed to learn how to crochet and have taught myself  few patterns. I'm looking forward to watching the littles play and imagine and give a purpose to our finger knitted ropes.
The picture is a little fuzzy but you can still see how happy Charlotte is to have given one little strand a home on her wrist!
 Would you join us? I would love to see and share all the amazing ways you enourage the littles in your life to use their hands!!

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