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Friday, October 19, 2012

For Little Hands: A Weekly Series

Welcome to A Simple Life's new weekly series: For Little Hands
Every Friday I will be posting a new project perfect for little hands. I would love for
you to join me! Please use the link-up form below and add something you've created that a wee one could create all on their own with some simple guidance. I look so forward to seeing what you all have done and come up with!
Charlotte loves to watch me sew. I'm a quite a novice sewer so I'm a bit intimidated when she asks me to teach her as I've never been taught and have learned all on my own. My skills are minimal but I've been able to create some really wonderful things for my children and really, that's all the matters! My eldest daughter loves to sew. She will sit and sew with me; both of us leading each other to what might work and what "looks" right. It's really quite comical :)
I gave Charlotte a darning needle, some embroidery floss, and a linen napkin that I drew a pattern on for her to follow.
I encouraged her  to thread the needle herself. A darning needle is perfect for little hands as its eye is bigger than a sewing needle and threading can be more easily accomplished.
With little guidance on my part, Charlotte had at it. She instinctively knew to follow the letters on her napkin. I didn't really explain much, I really wanted her to follow her creative fire and see what she came up with all on her own without my interference.
I would come back every few minutes to see how she was managing. A few times her needle and thread got a bit tangled so I helped her with that (it can be so frustrating!!). All in all, she did it by herself. As you can see.......she was very proud and excited about her sewing.
She finished all of her letters and then the excitement began to wear off. She is just 4 years old, I wouldn't have expected her to get that far as it took about 40 minutes for her to complete! She sat for 40 minutes, humming to herself, figuring out how to hold the napkin (I didn't have a frame for her to use) and wear to put the needle. I did help her with finishing up. I tied off the thread for each letter and knotted the end of the new thread. I also offered some support when she wanted to try the flower petals. She managed 2 petals with a bit of help and then needed a break from the pattern. Didn't she do an amazing job? I was really impressed!!
Here is a handkerchief she started working on free hand.
What are your littles working on? I can't wait to see xo 

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