"Let's have a merry journey, and shout about how light is good and dark is not. What we should do is not future ourselves so much. We should now ourselves. "NOW thyself" is more important than "Know thyself." Reason is what tells us to ignore the present and live in the future. So all we do is make plans. We think that somewhere there are going to be green pastures. It's crazy. Heaven is nothing but a grand, monumental instance of future. Listen, now is good. Now is wonderful." ~ Mel Brooks

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eleven Years


Long ago a little angel flew from star to star gatheringlight and compassion, which came from all around her. At each star she metbig angels who showed her the way. One day Big Angel said, “It is time to go tothe Sun.” Little angel followed to a place of warmth shining like gold. Therebees and butterflies sang to her of love. Big angel led her to the moon, cleanand crisp like new snow. From the moon she saw the most beautiful sight- aplace of flowers, trees, rolling oceans, and two special souls who seemed to besmiling up at her. “May I go there?” little angel asked big angel. “It istime,” Big Angel said. “Use the gifts of light and compassion you havegathered to carry you over the rainbow bridge. There is a mother and a father  who have been waiting for you.” Little angelcarried her gifts over the rainbow bridge to her new home on the Earth.
From the first moment her parents loved her and they calledher Isabella, and Isabella was her name. When she was born it was a cold winterevening and the full moon and a million stars were smiling down on her from thesky. Her Aunt Sandy saw her first and cried. She cried because Isabella wassuch a beautiful little angel and she knew that Isabella would bring manywonderful gifts to all who met her. Isabella was a wee babe but strong and shehad a beautiful newborn cry.
And then Isabella was one year old and she was sweet aslittle ones could be. She was a happy little girl, always content. She loved tosnuggle in and read and play with her new favorite toy: tea sets!
Then Isabella turned two years old and never was sheterrible. She loved to eat chocolate and loved to swim and loved to be carriedon the tops of everyone’s shoulder.
Isabella turned three years old and was a princess in themaking. She had many outfits to try on throughout the day, shoes and dressesand purses. Isabella would sit all dressed up with her tea set and serving everyone tea.
Then Isabella turned four years old and she began school atHawthorne Valley. She was a Peach blossom with Mrs. Ward and made many newfriends. One friend was Farmer Katy. She would always greet Farmer Katy with agreat big smile and a wonderful hug.  Isabella loved the cows on the farm and her favorite day at school was bread day and rice day!
When Isabella turned five some of her most favoriteactivities were going camping with Nana and Papa, swimming,  hiking, and dragging Odie along wherever shewent. She went on many adventures like hiking in the mountains, canoeing on the river, and exploring every nook and cranny around her.
And then Bella turned six years old and she became a bigsister because another little angel named Charlotte joined her family. Isabellawas so happy and smiled from ear to ear when she met her new baby sister. Sheread to her, sat with her and was her Mama’s biggest helper. She loved to help batheher, hold her, and most importantly, change her diaper!
When Isabella turned seven years old she moved to a newschool. She didn’t have any trouble making new friends and very much enjoyedthe classroom, her teacher, and new friends. Isabella also moved to a new housethat year. She had her own room and a big yard to rider her bike and imagine all sorts of play! Isabella also becamean older sister again when another little angel, Kiki, came to be with her family.Again, she was immediately drawn to this little child and loved her and helpedout in any way she could.
Then Isabella turned eight years old and she had a reallyfun spa birthday party. She invited her closest friends and they enjoyed a 6tiered chocolate birthday cake, homemade lotions and other delights! Isabella loved to ride her bike after school,climb her favorite apple tree, and learn to play the piano.
And then Isabella turned nine years old and she got her earspierced!!! Her family surprised her with dinner out where everyone in the restaurant sang Happy Birthday to her .  Isabella and her family alsomoved into another home where there were many other children and lots of things to doand see. She loved being on “the land” and immediately was at home in her newroom and new surroundings.  She loved to help out with caring for the sheep, collecting eggs, and looked forward to the many activities that happened in our new community everyday.
Isabella then turned ten years old and was in her first playat Mac-Haydn Theatre. She tried out and was asked right away to be in Oliver.She worked really hard and stayed up really late and it paid off! She wasamazing. Isabella worked very hard on doing many things like:: practicingpiano, her schoolwork, being a big sister, helping her Mama around the house, keepingup with her chores, and just being a kid! Isabella has many wonderful friendswho love her very much. New friends moved into the house next door to us and our families have spent much time together celebrating all of the joys life has to offer. Isabella became the best of friends with their two daughters and loves them as if they were her sisters.
And now, Isabella is eleven years old! Wow, how time flies!!Isabella is becoming an amazing young lady. She is kind, selfless, honest,accepting, she works hard, is full of love and beauty, and is her Mama’s numberone helper. Isabella learned to play the viola and was even asked to sing a solo in her choir concert this year. She made All-County choir and plans to try out again for Mac-Haydn Theatre. Isabella is deeply loved and appreciated for all that she gives toeveryone every day. Her family thanks their lucky stars every night that shewas born!
Isabella Sandra Rain. She is my sweet angel, my oldest daughter, the beacon of light in my very long day. This young lady has never ceased to amaze me with the delight of her love, happiness, and her ability to turn the unfriendly things into something bearable. Her smile, her laugh, her friendship. I am so humbled that she chose me. From the very beginning of her time here on this earth I knew that we had an old and very deep connection, one that traveled across eternity. Its amazing to feel so connected to your children in that way. I never imagined that it was possible before I had children and now that they are here,  and as I watch the years fly by, the depths of our age old connections are very aware and they astound me.
I wasn't able to get as many photos as  I would have liked. She placed a tall order for her birthday supper:: Thanksgiving dinner!! It was wonderful! She helped in fits and starts, peeling potatoes, tasting, and just standing by my side chatting away about her day, her dreams, her worries. Her cake was also a bit of a project. She asked for a grasshopper cake; layers of gluten free chocolate cake with a mint chocolaty pudding in between and mint whipped cream frosting! She always pushes my culinary boundaries.....and I love it! As the children get older they like to stray from the usual treats of a "typical" birthday. The littles aren't quite there yet, and I'm fine with that for now!
 I'm enjoying the some what gentle ride into adolescence of my older children. To help cultivate a deeper connection and sense of trust between us I decided to some howbuild a bridge into this thing called adolescence by giving her a very special journal. This journal is something both she and I will write in, together, to each other. I explained that I understood how sometimes it can be hard to talk face to face with a parent. I expressed how important it was to not bottle up any feelings and to say even the hardest truth. I asked her to write to me every night, to tell me something about her day, or about a trouble, or a joy, or about how I might have upset her. I promised her that this was a safe space, she could tell me anything and she wouldn't get into trouble and we didn't even have to talk about it, unless she requested to. I promised her I would respond anyway she wanted, either to write back or to sit privately and talk. I wished I could have bottled up that moment. I gave her the journal privately as I figured it might have been embarrassing for her to open in front of her friends. I read her what I wrote (I have to remember to not write in cursive!!) and I couldn't help but get a bit weepy. I looked up and she was getting weepy herself!! She climbed into my lap (my 11 year old!!) hugged me and said "Mama, that is the most beautiful gift you could have ever given me." We sat there, in silence, she took the journal and went off to her room. I woke up this morning and she had placed the journal next to my pillow where I found her first entry. *sigh*
Her smile is so radiant, contagious! She brings so much love and light to everyone she knows. My Bella is as gentle as a kiss, and as tender as a flower. I pray everyday that she finds the strength she will need to carry on and to not ever surrender her peace and self-worth to the tests of this time and age.  She wears her heart on her sleeve, if someone cries she cries with them. Oh dear world, be kind to my Bella. She deserves every ounce of goodness and more.
Happy Birthday, my darling!


  1. oh my goodness. that brought tears to my eyes. so beautiful. happy birthday to your girl. <3

  2. I also have an Isabella who is 11. Happy birthday to yours! And she does have an infectious smile.


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